Linchpin Period Tracker and Calendar

After reviewing so many Period Apps, it’s hard to be surprised by one. But, I have to give credit to Linchpin, because they make a difference in the period apps world. For example, you can fully customize the entire app, change the icon, colour and even set up a password so no one but you…

FEMM, health period and ovulation tracker

Femm is another great period tracker, but with a slight difference. From day one you can choose how you want the app to help you. Options are: Achieve pregnancy, track your health or avoid pregnancy. You can also add how are your actual situation, like: Pregnant, perimenopause, postnatal, breastfeeding, menopause or none of the above….

Woom, for women seeking pregnancy

This app really caught my attention, not only because it’s simple but effective design, but because they have all important tools for women that are looking forward to get pregnant. You can have a daily diary of your cycle and your sexual activity and also you can share it with your partner, so together keep…

Know your Cycle, period

Today we are putting an eye on My Cycle Period and Ovulation app. The best thing I saw here was the fertility and pregnancy forums. These is a quick and always available platform where you can evacuate any doubt you may have, that can be answered by other girls from a large health social network….